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 Mahogany Glider - Cyclone Yasi

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Cyclone Yasi

Wildcard Art - Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary is the home of Queensland wildlife artist Daryl Dickson who lives and works in tropical north Queensland Australia.

Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 1


Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 3



Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 2


Mahogany Glider -- TC Yasi Bulletin 4



Cassowary Award 2008

Daryl received a prestigious  Cassowary Award for her work in art and conservation in the Queensland Wet Tropics

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FEB 2011

Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary is our home. We have shared this wonderful place with the most stunning collection of wildlife for nearly 2 decades. We are heartbroken by the damage this cyclone has wrought on this wonderful place and all its creatures. Our house and my studio have minimal damage compared to so many but the habitat that has so enriched our lives has been devastated. Our glider enclosures have been damaged but we had safeguarded our 2 precious recovering gliders and they are OK. As you will see in the pictures below our miraculous released glider "Stoney" survived the cyclone to give us hope that many of his kind may also have managed to shelter.- he gives us hope. The entire extent of the habitat for this endangered species has been severely damaged and we are urgently working with the QPWS to start a support feeding program....we will not be able to assist many but it just might make a difference - if you live adjacent to Mahogany Glider habitat and would like to assist in this program or if you have sighted a mahogany glider since the cyclone - please contact me

Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary -February 5th 2011 - 3days after Yasi

Mungarru Lodge Sanctuary -February 5th 2011 - 3days after Yasi











Kirrama Range -February 6th 2011 - 4days after Yasi




Birds hit the windows for days after the cyclone..particularly kingfishers "Stoney"   a mahogany glider released on our sancuary 5 years ago arrived in the kitchen in broad daylight looking battered, exhausted and starving...but alive

One lone male agile wallaby has fought his way back thru the fallen forest to the house. We have sighted one long nosed bandicoot and a lone Euromys (white- tailed Rat)





February 22nd

My Studio entry -

March 10th and now the floods - we have been isolated for 5 days now

...our new river frontage


Kennedy Creek Bridge




Emergency medical supplies brought in by chopper just before nightfall March 10th

March 10 2011 - supplies coming in by boat across Kennedy Creek

March 10th - Geoff with a little Joey rescued by Judy Bull - transferred across the flooded Meunga Ck bridge

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